Economic Development Trip to Oman Under Council Consideration

The Sultanate of Oman is looking to construct a railroad linking the nation with Kuwait.

How does this impact Galesburg? Well the City of Galesburg’s Economic Development Department believes prospects are high that Western Illinois could assist in the project’s completion.

Should Omani officials choose to employ the services of Western Illinois companies, the supply chain could be affected with the potential to create jobs.

The Galesburg City Council tonight will consider approving the outbound trade mission.

The trip will be funded using Economic Development Administration Grants and, according to City documents, companies supplying rail equipment stand to directly benefit.

Oman’s rail project would extend about 40,000 kilometers and will be constructed through the Gulf Cooperative Council.

Because the country is seeking the help of American rail, four to six railroad companies would be taking part in the mission.

Supply chain matchmaking workshops would be held to ensure as many companies as possible are included, especially in Galesburg.

Should the City Council approve the mission, the trip to Oman is slated for February.

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