Knoxville Looking to Finalize Budget

Knoxville Mayor Bob Johnson told aldermen during Monday night’s city council meeting he was looking to set up a time when he could talk with City department heads and go over the budget.

Johnson has been working to make sure the budget stays on track and out of the red, but in order to do that the City is looking at changing how they handle the budgeting process.

City Clerk Charlie Gruner tells WGIL the current process is backwards and switching how the budgeting is done will give the City a better idea of what they’re working with.

“You’re appropriating money and you don’t know how much you’re really going to spend in each of the areas, so they want to do the budgeting first so they have an idea of what to appropriate,” says Gruner.

Gruner says money for this fiscal year has already been appropriated, so the switch will come when the City starts to budget for fiscal year 2015.

Gruner says at this time the Mayor is looking to gather as much information from each City department as he can.

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