Community Relations Commission Gets Feedback on Action Plan

The Galesburg Community Relations Commission has spent months putting together their six-month action plan.

In an effort to make sure the plan was well thought out and on track with the goals of the commission, they asked for feedback, but what they received was not expected.

“‘It was poorly written.’ ‘…shocked that [the commission] would write something such as this.'”

Commission Chair John Hunigan then asked commission members if they would be okay going through and tweaking the action plan.

Hunigan continued to explain that the purpose of the action plan was to discuss some issues that may include diversity or perceived issues of discrimination, but it was in no way meant to insult anyone.

“Our intention as a commission is not to offend, and it’s not to explain or…purposely offend any institution, any persons, any group of people, any organization…business, what have you. That’s not our intention,” Hunigan said.

The commission agreed and decided to tweak some of the language to include the words “perceived discrimination.”

They plan on presenting the action plan to the City Council next Tuesday.