Water Situation In Henderson A Game Of Patience

A boil order continues for residents of the Village of Henderson, as do requests to conserve water whenever possible, and to be patient.

Water problems started about a week ago, and since then, following a lot of work, Village Clerk Betty Ricketts says lines to the village’s water wells simply froze, and crews are in the process of trying to figure out what to do.

Residents gathered for a meeting last night to find out what is happening, and Ricketts tells WGIL the most commonly-asked question can’t really be answered right now.

“We cannot put a time frame on it, I’m sorry, I wish we could say ‘oh yeah this will be done at 2:00 today.’ No. We’re trying to make sure the village can get water in their homes,” says Ricketts. “I have water now, I’ve done laundry, I’ve done my dishes, I don’t drink it, but I manage to maintain my home with what we’ve got.”

Ricketts says bottled water has been available to resident who needed it. The village has purchased some, while Ricketts says the Red Cross also has helped, and Galesburg-based MSI, who’s also helping to fix the water problem, donated 10 pallets of water.

Ricketts says, however, you have to put things in perspective: the water situation in Henderson is nothing compared to the situation in West Virginia where a chemical spill has all but made the water supply for nine counties completely unusable.