Bill Brady Campaigns for Governor in Galesburg

Bill BradyIllinois State Senator Bill Brady stopped by Sidetrax in Galesburg today to talk about his campaign for Governor.

The Bloomington Republican fielded questions from constituents in Knox County – which voted for Brady the last time he ran for the office.

Brady is one of four Republicans vying to be on the ticket in November.

With plans to create 100-thousand jobs over the next four years during his time in office, Brady says Illinois has to right its fiscal ship.

“I think we’ve got to move ourselves from the dark ages and high income taxes into the realm of what the public wants which is low income taxes, if not eliminate the personal income tax, and build a tax base on other things that will actually foster economic activity as opposed to move people out of the state,” says Brady.

Brady also took the opportunity to discuss the minimum wage, saying two of his opponents in the Republican race for Governor created problems by suggesting the minimum wage should be lowered.

With pension reform on everyone’s mind, Brady says he has been fighting for pension reform for 12 years and has been a part of three commissions dealing with the issue.

He believes the pension reform legislation will be found Constitutional.

“That’s not just based on my personal belief, I’m not a lawyer as we discussed, but we’ve had a whole host of legal experts come in and the one’s who told us why it’s constitutional also told us why it wouldn’t constitutional if they had to argue that,” says Brady. “It will be debated by the Supreme Court and I think they’ll find it constitutional.

In addition to cost control, Brady says he supports initiatives to utilize the State’s energy resources – something he says can put Illinois on a path for businesses to invest.

Brady will be attending a debate in Peoria this evening.

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