Local Hospital Puts Visitors Restrictions into Motion

St. Mary Medical CenterFlu and cold season is in full swing and as people battle with the stuffy nose and soar throats OSF St. Mary Medical Center is asking people to think twice before coming to visit their patients. 

Starting a 3 o’clock Thursday afternoon, OSF will start enforcing a “Temporary Visitor Restrictions” due to flu in the community.

OSF Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator Carrie Bernett tells WGIL there are three very important rules to follow before visiting a patient.

“No visitation will be allowed for persons under the age of 18 and we would like to limit it at least to two visitors per patient at any one time and a good rule is check in a stop at the nurses desk before entering any patient room,” says Bernett.

OSF is also asking visitors to avoid coming to see someone if you’re not feeling well or have any symptoms of a cold or flu.

Bernett says these symptoms can include respiratory illness, fever, cough or soar throat.

A spokesperson for Cottage Hospital, Eileen Inness says Cottage does not have any visitation restrictions.

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