Staying Safe While Using Alternative Heat Sources

galesburg fire patchCold winter nights mean turning up the heat in your home and bring out the blankets, but it can also mean braking out the space heaters.

There’s nothing wrong with using a space heater to help warm your home, but there are a number of risks involved that can lead to a fire. 

Fire Marshal Dan Foley tells WGIL when it comes to space heaters they tend to cause fires that are completely unexpected.

“Of the heating fires, 32-percent are space heaters, but of those fires, they make up 79-percent of the home heating fire deaths,” says Foley.

Foley says if you’re going to use a space heater remember to never leave it unattended or on overnight.

He also suggest getting a space heater that has a Tip Switch. This safety feature atomically turns the hater off if it’s tipped over helping to prevent a fire from starting.

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