District Proud of Fine Arts Achievements

EducationIt’s no surprise to anyone that when school district’s funding gets cut the first programs to go are normally the fine arts.

In many schools they no long offer music or band simply because there’s no funding for the programs. Thankfully that’s not the case in Galesburg.

District 205 has a rather larger fine arts program that starts in elementary school and continues through high school.

Board members were informed by Fire Arts Coordinator Dean Petrie their Fine Arts program is aligned with state requirements.

“All the students in 2nd through 5th grade as part of out elementary curriculum have the opportunity or actually it’s a requirement to be part of their school either 2nd and 3rd grade music program or 4th and 5th grade all school program, and I say this as part of our curriculum because it does fulfill one of the standard Illinois State standards in music education.”

Petrie summed up his presentation telling the board, he understands it’s not cheap to keep the fine arts programs running, but he encourages the board to fight for fine arts education.

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