Knox’s Embraces Its International Side

knox collegeIt was a day full of culture and diversity as Knox College celebrated their international students and their rich cultural history.

Students, faculty and the Galesburg community came together for this year’s International Fair as Knox’s international students gathered to represent more than 50 different countries made of Knox’s international student body.

Knox Senior Demoz Desta is no stranger to the I-Fair and as an Ethiopian citizen Desta has participated in the I-Fair in the past.

This year, however, Desta was a flag bearer representing his country and he tells WGIL it was an experience that was truly memorable.

“It was very honorable and I, to be honest I a bit nervous walking down there,but once I get on the mic and I know the flag I was holding and I know who I was representing and all the people that, that you know mean the world to me which is all the Ethiopians. It felt pretty pretty good and I am proud and honored.”

Desta, who’s been in this country for ten years, says he’s very grateful to Knox and their efforts to embrace so many different cultures and countries.

He says seeing all the different countries working together brings him joy because he enjoys learning about other places and cultures and Knox has given him that opportunity.