Cold Weather Hassles Maquon Firefighting Efforts

Maquon Fire


Firefighters respond to a garage fire in Maquon early Tuesday morning to find both the garage and a barn on fire.

The site of the fire is four miles southeast of Maquon, just south of the 97 and Route 8 junction.

Maquon Assistant Fire Chief Patrick Hohenbery says the Fire department’s trucks started to freeze up while fighting the blaze due to the extreme cold.

Four local fire departments came to the aid of the Maquon fire department, and Hohenbery says they also had issues dealing with the cold.

Two Yates City trucks froze up while Knoxville had one freeze on them.

Hohenbery says the garage which initially caught on fire is an eight car garage which contained several vehicles — among them an older Chevy Camaro which was being restored.

Most of the garage and all the vehicles were lost to the fire.

The barn was a loss as well. Hohenbery says there was hay inside which cause the fire to spread quickly in the barn.

Once the fire spread, the barn collapsed in and was a total loss.

There were no injuries from the fire. A cause has not been determined.

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