Building Committee Searches For New Maintenance Facility

downloadThe District 205 Building Committee has started the process of searching for a new maintenance facility.

During a tour Tuesday, a space at Hawthorne Center was explored.

Structural and roofing issues have created enough costs warranting a search for a potentially less expensive option.

An estimate to repair the current maintenance facility was put at $500,000.

Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations David Black tells WGIL that the Board is searching for specific features.

“We are looking for something that will allow us to continue doing our maintenance work as well as storage, we got some food service facilities that are housed as well, so it just mostly were looking for something spacious and low cost.”

Black says that due to the District’s budget issues, the need for a potential move is “terrible” timing.

More than just a new facility at Hawthorne Center is being considered such as the old Protexall building.

Cost estimates on all of the potential new facilities would need to be found before making a decision, but there is currently no time frame for deciding which option to pursue.

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