Bustos Reacts to SOTU, Touts Guest As Example of Success

Cheri Bustos
Cheri Bustos

17th District Congresswoman Cheri Bustos says that she wants to fight for the American worker.

Following Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address, Bustos said she was pleased to hear the President discuss some of the same initiatives she has been talking about for the past year.

Discussing jobs and education, President Obama announced his desire to create six new manufacturing hubs throughout the country last night.

In line with much of the discussion about job creation, Bustos requested Galesburg resident and John Deere employee Pam Davidson to attend last night’s address.

Bustos tells WGIL that one of the reasons she invited Davidson is because she considers her a true success story.

“I think we as members of congress who are in a position to make sure that we have policy that works for the middle class and helps people obtain middle class status when I’m out here in Washington and when I’m casting votes I picture Pam and people like Pam I’m here to help and here to serve.”

Bustos said she thought long and hard about who she wanted to invite using her single guest ticket.

Davidson said the President’s comments on manufacturing in America stood out to her during Tuesday night’s address.

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