Lawmakers Mixed On State Of The State Message

IL State SealThe area’s local representatives, for the most part, were somewhat mixed on Governor Pat Quinn’s latest State of the State address, but they all said virtually the same thing: where’s the details?

State Representative Norine Hammond issued a statement saying Governor Quinn hit on a lot of areas, but fell short on improving jobs or providing any details. State Senator Darin LaHood called the speech, quote, “short on details” in a statement of his own.

Both are Republicans. Democratic State Senator John Sullivan, meanwhile, tells WGIL one of the more contentious issues to come up was the proposal to increase the state minimum wage almost by almost two dollars an hour.

“There is strong support for it and strong opposition to it and for a number of different reasons, so I’m not surprised that he talked about it, actually I thought he’d spend a little more time in that discussion on the minimum wage,” Sullivan.

Sullivan says that’s because it’s been front and center in the various debates between Republican candidates for Governor.

Sullivan agrees with State Representative Don Moffitt, in that many of Governor Quinn’s proposals mean the spending of money, so it’ll have to be determined how they’d be paid for.

Moffitt says he would also like to have heard more about things like agriculture and how to grow and expand ag markets and jobs.

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