Longstanding Boil Order Lifted in One Local Village

VillageofHendersonIf you’re a resident of the Village of Henderson, you can finally stop using the bottled water you’ve likely been getting for the last three weeks, if you so choose.

The Knox County Health Department says that’s because the Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed that the boil order for the Village of Henderson has been lifted.


The village-wide boil order — which some residents claim wasn’t announced in a timely manner but the village claims it was — was issued over three weeks ago, after the lines going to and from the village’s water well froze during a cold-snap.

That led to emergency repairs being made that didn’t work either, until a more long-term solution could be made.

The village provided residents with bottled water in the meantime, some of which was donated by the Red Cross, some of which was purchased by the village, and some of which was donated by Galesburg-based MSI, who was helping the village fix the problem.

Health Department officials urge, however, taking some extra steps before using the water to drink, as with any boil order. They suggest sanitizing water line-related fixtures, sinks, and bathrooms, flushing water taps for at least five minutes, and flush water tanks and reservoirs, among other things.

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