Snow Days Extend School Year

Frozen Buses

When fall turns to winter and the snow starts to hit the ground, students around the state start to hope for snow days.

Each school District is given 5 emergency days to be used and made up. So far Galesburg School District 205 has used 4 emergency days.

Superintendent Bart Arthur tells the WGIL morning news they’ve decided to make those up at the end not during spring break.

“It’s a little hard for parents and everybody to make the adjustments if you start taking it away from spring break, so that’s how we’ll work it this year,” says Arthur.

For the Knoxville school district, Superintendent Steve Wilder says they’ve used all five of their emergency days and are now in what’s called acts of god days.

Wilder tells the WGIL morning news the district’s made the decision to makeup the days at the end of the year because when it comes to spring break, it’s an important break that everyone needs.

“February is one of the toughest months of the school year because, again, the temperature, the weather,” says Wilder. “Kids and staff are all cooped up inside, my experience has been giving staff a little bit of a break late March, early April can really make things better to get through that last push to the end of the school year.”

Both Galesburg and Knoxville School districts have decided to extend their school year, however, Wilder says Abingdon-Avon has decided to cut into their spring break to make up the lost time.

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