Education Association Hopes Closure Of Cooke School Isn’t Rushed

Now that District 205 has announced the Board of Education is considering a potential closure of Cooke Elementary, the Galesburg Education Association has a few questions.

Where will the students be transferred? Is there room to hold them? and What will happen to the teachers?

Galesburg Education Association President Russ Ullrich says that the 70/30 rule being cited for the school’s possible closing is also present at other District schools.

Ullrich tells WGIL just because the District might close a building, doesn’t mean the District will be dealing with fewer students.

“A lot of the classrooms in the district are already pretty darn full and they’re very close to limits of class sizes,” says Ullrich. “The teachers aren’t necessarily in favor of overcrowding classrooms and I’m sure the board and administrators aren’t as well, nobody is in favor of that.”

District 205 says the closure, if approved, will save about 1.8-million dollars in expenses.

The proposal to close the school by the District’s Administration is designed to battle recurring fiscal year deficits.

Ullrich says the Board has been transferring money out of the Education Fund to move Master Facilities projects and hopes the Board will begin voting for other things.

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