Company Opening Venue in Knox County

A company specializing in events planning and entertainment held an open house North of Galesburg on Saturday.

Visions Venue, a family based company, is hoping to utilize a property for area residents for wedding receptions and more. The company originally began searching for a space to hold inventory for their decorating supplies and services.

Kristi Betts has been decorating for 30 years. She tells the WGIL Morning News that both she and her sister began decorating weddings six years ago.

“We found that there was a big need for something like this,” says Betts. “It seemed like we did our best to make bingo halls and other places around town to look like a beautiful wedding venue but it was difficult so we knew at that time there was a need.”

The company takes over the space from Prairieland Baptist Church in addition to a slightly newer property.

Some members of the family-run business decorate and some members DJ or light any wedding or event that’s requested. The spaces can hold 150 people for smaller ceremonies and can hold 400 people for wedding venues.

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