City Looks into Water and Sewer Service Contract

The City of Knoxville is considering severing ties with their current water and sewer operator.
In 2009 Bock Incorporated was hired to operate both the water and sewer department, but the contract between the two parties, according to Alderman Toby Myers is too vague and full of gray areas. During Monday night’s City Council meeting Mayor Bob Johnson asked aldermen to review the current contract and decided if they’d like to continue using Bock or find a new operator.
Alderman Myers agreed the contract needs to be reviewed, but he also expressed his interest in changing how the water department is run.

“Now with the water department, look at this winter, you know for use to have some of our own employees would help out. Employees aren’t getting younger, you know, they’ve been plowing snow for hours and hours, you know you put the water department back in the City’s hands where we can utilize those employees more than just in the water.”

As for Bock’s contract, alderman asked to go over the language with the City Attorney and get some guidance on how to better outline the duties and responsibilities of the plant operator.
The City has until August to decided if they’d like to renew a contract with Bock.

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