Tipping The Police Through Texts

IL-GalesburgPDThe Galesburg-Area CrimeStoppers wants to make it even easier for people to provide anonymous tips to local police, and hopefully receive more tips in the process.

CrimeStoppers has implemented a system for providing anonymous tips via text message. Galesburg Police Detective Kevin Legate says CrimeStoppers wanted a way for people to send texts, even when a police officer isn’t available to answer the phone hotline.

Legate tells WGIL the text messages will indeed remain anonymous, because police won’t ever know what phone numbers they’re coming from.

“That thing goes to a server which is out of the United States and then it’s sent to the program, the TIPS soft program which will then be delivered to my computer or our computer software and then we’re able to then receive the tip through e-mail,” says Legate.

Legate says someone who sends in a text message tip will automatically receive a code they’ll need to know in case they’re selected for a cash reward, and Legate says at no time does he know the phone number of a sender.

Legate says you can send in a text tip to Crimestoppers by texting the word “GALESBURG” in all capital letters, then the tip, to the number “274637”.
You can also still continue to provide tips by calling the CrimeStoppers hotline by calling 344-0044.

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