Getting The Word Out About An Education Initiative

downloadIf you ask Galesburg Mayor and WGIL owner John Pritchard where some of the best ideas to help grow a city come from, he’d tell you, from other cities.

And that’s exactly where Pritchard got the idea for The Galesburg Promise, from Peoria and the Peoria Promise.

The Galesburg Promise is designed to offer district 205 students an opportunity to receive scholarship money to attend Carl Sandburg College.

Pritchard tells the WGIL Morning News creating a program such as the Galesburg Promise will hopefully encourage students to continue their high education with the end result being an increase in Galesburg’s workforce.

“Basically the percentage of our population here in Galesburg that has a bachelor’s degree or higher level of education is about 15.2 percent and we did a study and looked at 49 other communities and one of the things we analyzed was that percentage and I’ve got to say that we rank in the bottom,” says Pritchard.

Pritchard says the program is more of a last resort for students who can’t get federal student aid for college.

The program is being funded with both private and public dollars.

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