Knoxville Police Investigate Business Burglaries

Police in Knoxville are investigating an unusually large amount of crime lately, as a large number of businesses in the city have been broken in to.

Knoxville Police Chief Ron Poyner says 11 businesses mostly in downtown but some as close as next door to the police station have been victims of burglaries in the past month. Virtually all of them had an undisclosed amount of cash stolen.

Poyner tells WGIL the latest of the break-ins occurred just this past Monday.

“Knox Vet Clinic up on public square had someone attempt an entry through a back window and broke a window and was unable to get in that way so they went on around and they managed to pry open a screen storm door, and it looks like they shouldered their way into the actual wood door, caused damage, got in that way and there was some cash taken out of that,” says Poyner.

Poyner says in all cases but one, the businesses were ransacked. One of the break-ins occurred next to the police station, but Poyner cautions that there are surveillance cameras that might have picked up something.

He says anyone with information on the break-ins should call Knoxville Police or the Galesburg-Area CrimeStoppers hotline. No suspects are in custody.

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