Making a Path for Safe Walking

snowsidewalksWe all know Galesburg streets are plowed by the city, and the highways are maintained by IDOT, but who takes care of our sidewalks?The responsibility of sidewalk snow removal belongs to the Galesburg Downtown Council and Chairman of Downtown Maintenance Thomas Foster says this year’s been extremely rough.
Foster tells WGIL they’re responsible for making sure the job gets done, but the actual work is done by one man.

“It’s been difficult and it’s never-ending. It seems like you clear a sidewalk and you turn around a few hours later, the wind the volume of snow continues so it’s just this never-ending job. Keith Legge is the guy that is constantly clearing the sidewalks, and he is just working himself to death and Keith does a great job and it’s been a difficult never-ending job this year.”

Foster says all the sidewalks downtown fall under the responsibility of the downtown council and Legge works to make sure they’re clean and ice-free.

However, Foster says they’re not responsible for the area outside local businesses, that’s up to the business owner.

He says it’s a joint effort between the City, local business owners and the Downtown Council to make sure people can move around the City hassle-free.

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