Working To Get Volunteers

It can take a while to build and the weather never makes it easy, but when it comes to the work Habitat for Humanity does, it goes on regardless of what obstacles come their way.

More than 40 homes have been constructed around Knox County with the help of Habitat for Humanity and last weekend they just dedicated their 46th home.

Work on a habitat home can take up to 2 years to finish, and they’re always looking for volunteers.

Habitat’s Executive Director Jordan Knight tells the WGIL Morning News not being a skilled carpenter should not stop anyone from helping out.

“I think there are those people that say, you know, ‘construction is not my thing’ or ‘I don’t have any background in it’ and surprisingly enough typically those people what they might lack in knowledge they definitely excel in a will to do,” says Knight.

Knight says there a several subcommittees that work in other aspects of the program such as finding partner families, or people who may qualify for Habitat for Humanity.

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