Area Native Helps Cover Olympics

Nick DevlinFor many people attending the Winter or Summer Olympics is something they’ll never be able to do.

Former Galesburg Broadcasting employee Nick Devlin might not be in Sochi covering the games, but the website he works for,, has sent several co-workers there.Devlin tells the WGIL Morning News they cover more than just the games, and the political tension surrounding this year’s Olympics is all too real.

“We’ve got several [reporters] over there,” Devlin said.  “I’m worried because in past years, [terrorist attacks have] been talked about.  In Athens, there were security threats in ’04.  In ’02, in Salt Lake City, there were some security threats, because that was so soon after 9/11.  But, I don’t think there’s ever been a threat like this, where we know where the threat is coming from.”

Devlin says unlike the threats at the previous Olympics, these threats can be traced back to real terrorist cells.

He says it’s a very specific group that they’re worried about, compared to just the abstract idea of a possible terrorist threat.

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