Dealing With The Harsh Winter

icyroadsAt this point, February could not end soon enough and spring could not get here fast enough.

Just about everyone in Knox County and the state have had enough of the snow, ice, and cold.

As much as residents may be over winter, however, Galesburg City staff have been among those consistently dealing with the weather’s ups and downs – and despite the cold and snow, snow removal crews been able to get the job done.

Galesburg City Engineer Wayne Carl tells the WGIL Morning News, getting the streets clear sometimes can’t be done as quickly as residents expect, especially with the amount of snow Galesburg has received this season.

“What people don’t realize is, you know, they go out and they plow for 17, 18 hours and then they’ve gotta come back in and they pick up the downtown area the next night and then they pick up the parking lots the next night so it takes about three days to get everything all picked up,” says Carl.

Carl says despite the weather crews have been working to keep construction on track with the Seminary/Kellogg street overpass.

He says crews have taken a few days off due to the cold, but should be back at it next week when things begin to warm up.

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