Area Students Showcase Spelling Skills

SpellingBeeAfter going through a practice round and correctly spelling their names, the words tended to get a little more difficult for area students.

The Knox County Spelling Bee was put on Saturday at the recently renovated Lombard Auditorium by the Knox County Regional Offices of Education where 13 students from around the county participated.

Students were required to win the Spelling Bee at their respective schools before being allowed to attend the County Spelling Bee.

Assistant Regional Superintendent Jill Colley is responsible for finding the judges and a pronouncer. She tells WGIL the students were well prepared this year.

“The kids did a super job, they took their time and spelled some really difficult words,” says Colley.

It came down to two finalists, but ultimately 13-year old ROWVA student Kaprice Pierson was declared the winner after correctly spelling the word “temporal.” Each of the county winners around Illinois are invited to participate in the State Spelling Bee in Peoria. Pierson tells WGIL she was feeling quite a bit of emotion after winning.

“I was really excited and nervous about having to go to Peoria now,” says Pierson.

The words used in the competition were provided by the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Pierson says she spelled as many words as she possibly could in preparation for Saturday’s friendly competition, but says she’ll have to continue her efforts for the State Spelling Bee.

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