Snowmobile Drills Provide Emergency Training

SnowmobileWith responders stationed in Knox, Warren, and Henry Counties snowmobile search and rescue crews received some additional training.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Department’s Snowmobile Search and Rescue Team allowed about 20 participants to run through several emergency scenarios.

The group met at Lake Storey where situations involving cardiac arrest, broken limbs, and roll-overs were covered.

This year’s bitterly cold winter has the potential for several emergency situations and with the help of an emergency “rescue-boggan” hooked up to the back of a snowmobile, crews can transport victims.

Snowmobile Search and Rescue Team Director Pat Hennenfent tells WGIL the crews are most worried about what to do once a victim is located.

“In a normal situation, we’re out in three person teams doing a search looking for someone,” says Hennenfent. “The first team that finds them, then they radio back, the rescue-boggan comes. We keep it in one place so that once we find the person, it can come directly there.”

Snowmobile efforts are helped through grants received and the vehicles allow crews to search for stranded persons without the aid of a car.

Hennenfent says keeping emergency kits in your car can help prolong survival until snowmobile crews can arrive if you find yourself lost or stranded.

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