Probable Cause Found In Case Of Man Involved In Fatal Accident

Randy KnottsA Knox County Judge says the case against a Galesburg man who lied to police in the hours following what turned out to be a fatal accident can proceed.
Judge Stephen Mathers today found probable cause for 54-year-old Randy Knotts to be tried on charges of Obstruction of Justice in connection with the January 11th accident in rural Henderson Township that killed 38-year-old Shannon Porter.

Porter’s body was found several days later, but Knox County Sheriff’s Detective Joe Simms testified today that the body was not initially located following the accident. There were no footprints leading away from the truck Porter was driving.

Simms testified that on two separate occasions, Knotts told investigators he wasn’t the driver, and that the person who was went by “Shane”, but that he couldn’t remember the last name.

Knotts later identified Porter as the driver, as part of a third interview.

An arraignment hearing was set for February 20th. Knotts remains held in the Knox County Jail on $50-thousand bond. He was initially arrested on an unrelated warrant.

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