Building Committee Visits Another Potential Maintenance Site

AEH BuildingThe search is continuing for a new potential maintenance facility designed to store equipment and supplies for Galesburg’s school district.

Currently, District 205 is comparing a move to a new facility against renovating their existing storage building.

Each of the new buildings District 205 has observed recently, have been priced in the $400-thousand to $450-thousand range, but the buildings observed today rested on just over three acres. This morning, the district visited the former AEH Construction buildings.

Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations David Black tells WGIL each of the sites they have visited are different, making for an odd mix.

“At this point, we’ve got to go back, have our architect look it over, see if we can fit in here what we need,” says Black. “This one’s a little smaller, it has a lot of pluses because it’s already fenced, it’s got a lot of other things that we need, all three are totally different and it’s going to take a little while to sort through it all.”

Renovating the current maintenance facility was estimated at $500-thousand and today’s visit by the District’s Building Committee revealed that the AEH Construction building was appraised at about $407-thousand.

The District does not have a timeline scheduled for selecting a potential new site, but a decision may be made within weeks.

Adding extra heating or making upgrades to the roof was cited as needing possible upgrades at one of the buildings on the site.

The District would need to further discuss a possible building site move before asking their architects to develop schematic designs.

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