Economic Development Director Highlights Job Growth

Entrepreneur PresserGalesburg Economic Development Director Cesar Suarez is highlighting job retention and growth and used a press conference  today to discuss entrepreneurship.

Suarez says that in the three years since the city received a $1.2-million Economic Development Administration grant, it has created 282 jobs and retained 595.

Suarez says this is a result of the city’s strategy to foster ideas currently in Galesburg and bring them to the marketplace.

“We’re about working and economic gardening, not even necessarily attracting the big companies here, but trying to work with what we have economic gardening, and that’s really different than economic hunting – which is going after the big game,” says Suarez.

Some businesses receiving money were highlighted by Suarez, including: Sitka Salmon Shares, Jersey’s Sports Bar, and Thrushwood Farms.

Suarez says Thrushwood Farms in particular was very innovative with the money provided by the grant.

A total of 25 projects have been assisted by the EDA grant over the last three years.

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