Police Investigate Suspected Armed Robbery

Swings Mobile EstatesGalesburg Police are conducting an investigation after a report of an armed robbery Sunday night. The 20-year old victim was driving a co-worker home after a shift to the Swings Trailer Park when she became lost.While turning her vehicle around, what was described as a black male began waiving the car down.

When the victim pulled next to the man, she rolled down her window and asked how she could help.

At that point, the man allegedly said “give me your money” and pulled a handgun on the victim.

$40 in cash was stolen according to the police report, but due to the description and location, police suspected 45-year old Curtis Mayon.

Officers provided the victim with a photo line-up of several suspects, but she selected Mayon as part of the process.

Mayon was arrested Monday afternoon in connection with the incident.

Galesburg Police later released Mayon pending an investigation into the incident, and charges were not formally filed. No further arrests have been made.

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