Additional Borrowing Needed for Courthouse Renovations

The Knox County Courthouse is having a bit of a problem with its HVAC system.

Work has been ongoing to construct the air shafts – which has been making temperatures frigid in the Courthouse.

During last night’s Knox County Building Committee meeting, a leak was discovered in the final shaft being installed – which is thought to be coming from the couplings and will be tested by MSI again this week.

Knox County Owner’s Representative Donnie Gladfelter says part of the problem for restarting the heating is that MSI has to coordinate with their manufacturers’ representative.

“They should have had it up and running,” Gladfelter said.  “I had every intention of coming and telling you that fourth one was up and running.  It’s been a nightmare for them.  They fix one, and then still have a little bit of a leak.  With everything being insulated already, it’s really tough for them to find [the leak].”

The Building committee approved paying an invoice totaling about 283-thousand dollars to MSI – which wipes out money earmarked for improvements to the Courthouse.

The County is borrowing funds from the Knox County Landfill to help complete the projects and is expecting another $550,000 to $580,000 through the rest of the year.

Still, the County may be coming up short on revenue to pay for the upgrades – prompting Knox County Board Chair Greg Bacon to recommend borrowing additional funds from the County’s public safety funds.

Bacon says borrowing the funds will keep the County “on point.”

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