Cooke Closure Takes Spotlight at Community Relations Commission Meeting

communitypicDuring a recap of last month’s Gun Violence Town Hall meeting, Galesburg Community Relations Commission members Tuesday night brought up District 205’s recent decision to close Cooke Elementary School after the end of the school year.

Most Commissioners mentioned the closure of Cooke is just another blow to residents who live on that side of town.

Alderman Peter Schwartzman told commissioners those residents are still dealing with the loss of the Aldi grocery store, and now their children will have to bused to another school.

Commissioner Tianna Cervantez explained in her opinion, blame for the closure cannot be placed on the teachers, but solely on those in charge.

“I hold the responsibility and the accountability with the people who are in power, and who can knew what they were doing, and who still did it anyway,” Cervantez said.  “I will go on record with that, because it is their job as an administration — as a board — to know that the decisions they are making, and the impact it’s going to have on our community members.  And, that district, that particular school, has been impacted negatively from the time that it has been reopened.”

Cervantez says every year there was a debate over whether or not to reopen Cooke Elementary.

She says now that the decision has been made, the question is what is the District doing to help the community make the transition.

(Photo:  Community members walk out of Monday’s Galesburg School Board meeting following the vote to close Cooke Elementary School.  File photo.)

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