How Best To Streamline Galesburg’s Development Process

galesburgThe Galesburg City Council is trying to make the development process faster but fair — but like with many other things, state regulations may end up getting in the way.

During Monday night’s work session, city officials presented options for how to improve the development process relating to zoning changes for developments.

In a number of cases, City Community Development Director Roy Parkin says state law requires things like the publishing of hearing notices, ordinance changes, and some site plans.

At least in terms of ordinance changes, Parkin suggested that in many cases, the council can suspend the rules and vote on matters sooner. First Ward Alderman Ken Goad says that’s fine with him.

“I think whatever we need to do, we should do to move things along and not prolong,” says Goad. “It’s bending the rules, I know there are some on the council, and I’m not a big fan of that, but I think it’s necessary from time to time and I think we should be cognizant of that.”

Other aldermen suggested that a public comment process with regard to zoning changes needed to be preserved, and that some sort of an appeals process needed to be developed if a petitioner or other affected party doesn’t like a zoning-related decision.

Aldermen do agree they want to save time whenever possible when it comes to potential developments.

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