Monmouth-Roseville Voters To Decide If Property Tax Levy Can be Raised

The Monmouth-Roseville Board of Education got a little more information this week regarding a tax referendum that will be on the March 18th ballot.

Voters are being asked to raise the property tax levy to its maximum rate for the District’s Education Fund.

Superintendent Ed Fletcher tells WGIL that voters have to realize is the need for the increase is largely due to the State of Illinois.

“We’ve received less money from the State in general state aid,” says Fletcher. “74-percent of our revenue either comes from state or federal sources so we’re very reliant on those revenue sources and when there’s pro-rations in general state aid, or as we’ve noticed the last two fiscal years, they continue to say it could be reduced further, it really affects our school district.”

Fletcher says if voters pass the referendum the board of education then has the option to raise the levy from $2.25 to $3 per $100 of assessed valuation, but says that’s just an option not a absolute.

Also during Tuesday night’s meeting, the board approved continuing late start Wednesdays into the next school year.

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