Abingdon-Avon Students to Get Computers

Abinhdon Avon Tornado LogoThe Abingdon-Avon School District is taking on a massive technology initiative that will change the way the district teaches.  Starting next school year every student, Kindergarten through 12th grade will have either a Chrome Book, laptop or iPad of their own.
Superintendent Chad Willis tells WGIL the one to one program will open the door for the district to better prepare their students for the real world.

“We believe by putting laptops in students’ hands, it will improve student learning,” Willis said.  “If we improve instructional strategies — and that’s something I’ll work on professional development-wise to ensure that occurs.”

Willis says the cost of the program is not cheap, but with money left to the district through the Zimmer Foundation, they’ll have enough money to give every high school student Chrome Books.

He says other grant monies have been secured to provide laptops and iPads to the middle schools and elementary schools.

This program, according to Willis, is something he’d looked at as a possibility for the district when he first toured and interviewed for the Superintendent job.

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