State Rep. Candidate Gets Expected Endorsement

Frese TracyA Quincy-area man looking to replace a local State Representative now officially has the endorsement of the person leaving that post.

It had been widely expected for months, but both 94th District State Representative Jil Tracy and former Adams County Circuit Clerk Randy Frese were in Monmouth today, where Tracy said she was endorsing Frese.

Tracy is not seeking another term, as she’s running for Lieutenant Governor on the same Gubernatorial ticket as State Senator Kirk Dillard.

Tracy says Frese is the person she wanted to replace her all along.

“I wanted someone with a fine integrity, I wanted a person that knew the area really well, an agricultural background would be great, strong fiscal conservative and strong social conservative and someone that had a proven record to look at,” says Tracy.

Frese says his experience in agriculture and as a small business owner makes him superior over his opponent in the March Primary, Galesburg Sanitary District Employee and former United School Board member Marshall Schrader.

When announcing his candidacy, Schrader said he wasn’t surprised that Tracy would likely endorse Frese.

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