Local Retailer Deals with Possible Roof Collapse

Around 12:30 this afternoon the Galesburg Fire Department responded to a call about a possible roof collapse. Mike Breslin, owner of Breslin’s Floor Covering told Battalion Chief Chip Timmons when he got into the store he noticed the ceiling had dropped about 8 inches.
Timmons says they were lucky that Paul Johnson of Johnson Construction was in the area and told officials he didn’t believe it was caused by the amount of snow on the roof, but due to the age of the building.
Although the roof had not fully collapsed, the Galesburg Fire Department decided to evacuate the area including both parking lots next to the building.
Those lots will be closed until the problem is resolved and it’s safe to park in those areas.
Timmons says at this time everything they’ve done was just as a precaution and they’re keeping a close eye on the situation.

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