Making Valentines Day Special

Friday was perhaps one of the most romantic day of the year. Valentines day is a day everyone, no matter how old or young will celebrate. Candy hearts, flowers and other fun festive Valentines Day themed items might have taken over your home, work and maybe even your child’s classroom.
Despite Valentines Day being considered a Hallmark holiday, the Galesburg Flower Company’s Steven Moore tells the WGIL Evening News the days is more popular than ever.

“This year looks like to be a really good year for us and flowers.  Course there, about 73% of all the orders on Valentines Day come from men, but 23% and women and there’s actually like 15% of women send the flowers to themselves.”

Moore says the best way to preserve your flowers no matter what type is to change to water in the flower vase everyday.  He say this can almost double the life of the flowers.

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