Galesburg Residents Wake to Low Pressure and Yellow Water

Busted pipes and broken water mains seem to be a common theme this winter.

City officials say they’ve been dealing with more pipe issues than normal this winter than in the past and now there are three new breaks they have to deal with.

Public Works Director Larry Cox says the breaks occurred off of South Henderson, Dayton and Court Street.

Cox tells WGIL the South Henderson break caused some of the bigger water issues resident encountered.

“The most significant main break, just outside our water treatment plant on South Henderson Street, was actually inside our facility there,” Cox said.  “It’s a 16 inch water main, and that’s where we lost most of our water.”

Cox says two crews working to fix the breaks and says residents should see an improvement in water pressure and color.

The City does suggest people run water through the pipes to just clear out some of the sediment caused from the break.

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