Honoring Farmers and Food

Participants in a "Food Check-Out Day" race, hosted Monday by FM 95.  (Rick Heath photo)
Participants in a “Food Check-Out Day” race, hosted Monday by FM 95. (Rick Heath photo)

This is an important week for farmers, and quite possibly for your pocketbook.

The Knox County Farm Bureau is joining its counterparts around the country in marking “Food Check-Out Week” — the week marking where families have earned enough money to purchase your groceries for the entire year.

Farm Bureau Executive Director Kate Lansaw tells WGIL there’s really only one group you can thank for all those groceries.

“We have a really reliable and abundant food supply here in America,” Lansaw said.  “We’re really fortunate to have farmers in our community where we can see that on a first-hand basis — on a daily basis, too.”

Lansaw tells WGIL it’s a week that farmers really like.

“Farmers take a lot of pride in that; they take a lot of pride in feeding the world, as they’ve been known to say,” Lansaw said.  “I know from working with them on a first-hand basis, they could not be more proud of what they do and what they provide for the consumers.”

The Farm Bureau hosted a race today to see who among two local radio personalities could gather the most food with corn as a primary ingredient. Other activities this week include the annual “Ag Day for Kids” on Friday at Carl Sandburg College.

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