Galesburg City Council Debates Pest Control Bid

galesburgPest control has the potential to help local business, but the Galesburg City Council opted for a lower price instead.

For the last 15 years, American Pest Control has provided insect removal services to the City of Galesburg without a formal agreement.

American Pest Control is based out of the Hanna City, but because a Galesburg based pest control firm expressed interest in providing pricing, the City opened pest control up to bid.

The City Council Monday asked several questions about rejecting the bid to ensure local firms are able to retain jobs, but City Manager Todd Thompson advised against selecting a local firm on legal grounds.

Fifth Ward Alderman Peter Schwartzman says the City should develop values for pest control for the company to follow.

“There are multiple ways to do this,” Schwartzman said.  “We can leave it to a contractor to do it for us, but if we don’t give them any goals or any desired outcomes, then they’re going to manage it the way they see best.”

Schwartzman cited potentially moving unwanted pests to a different location as opposed to the usual method of control.

American Pest Control came in about $2,800  under the next closest bid.

Aldermen were mixed on approving the price though, voting 4-3.

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