Knoxville City Council Gets Update on Proposed Health Care Facility

Petersen Health CareKnoxville aldermen heard from Galesburg Regional Economic Development Association President Leo Dion regarding the current state of a planned assisted living facility in town.

Dion presented aldermen with the site and floor plans for the Petersen Health Care-owned facility to be located on the former P-E-O Home lot, and explained there will be around 32 rooms, both single and double occupancy.

A site survey was also conducted and completed by the City Engineer Kevan Cooper and Dion told Aldermen the lay out of the building will be similar to Courtyard Estates in Monmouth.

“Conceptually, if you…have been down to Monmouth, and the Courtyard Estates they have down in Monmouth, that would be the conceptual that they are thinking,” Dion said.

Dion told aldermen the project looks like it’s going to be a 4 million dollar venture. 

He says they’re still on track for a late April or early May ground breaking, but he says the weather could possibly push back the start date.

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