Myths, Misconceptions About Corn Explained

The Knox County Farm Bureau and Knox County Corn Growers Association are using a week that honors farmers to once again discount what they call some nasty rumors about corn.

The Farm Bureau and Corn Growers are marking Food Check-Out Week — the week where an average family has earned all the money they’ll need to purchase groceries throughout the year.

They highlight corn because many of the groceries you buy contain that key ingredient, but Corn Growers member Andrew Bowman tells WGIL there’s been a a lot of bad information going around about genetically-modified corn, or GMO’s.

“Over three trillion meals have been consumed containing genetically-modified products, corn being among them, many of the corn products grown here in Knox County,” Bowman said.  “There’s never, ever, ever been a single case of fraud or abuse, or any type of pain that’s come out of that.  So, GMO’s are very safe, are very wonderful.”

Bowman says once genetically-modified corn has been processed and cooked, anything of any concern is gone, making that corn just as safe as anything else.

And that’s coming from someone who claims he’s eaten genetically-modified sweet corn straight from the field before.

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