Primary Preparations Focus on Provisional Ballots

voteThe Galesburg Election Commission is hoping to ensure their election judges better understand state provisional ballot statutes.

Preparations are still being made for the March 18th primary election by the office – which continues to operate with only two election commissioners.

During yesterday’s Election Commission meeting, emergency rules for counting provisional ballots were reviewed.

Those interpretations will be shared with election judges to ensure a consistent message on Election Day after training with the State Board of Elections.

Election Commission Executive Director Lisa Watson says it’s good to be prepared, although the instances for provisional ballots are rare.

“If someone wants to vote outside of their precinct, they want to vote in the incorrect place, the judge will be trained to let them know ‘please read this page of my provisional packet’ the voter can read it, and then they’ll be informed that some of their votes may not count,” says Watson.

Votes considered illegitimate would, according to some of the discussion, typically only affect some local races and elected offices.

The matter will be clarified while training with the State Board of Elections on whether the entire ballot would not be counted or not.

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