Sandburg Highlights E-Business Efforts For Entrepreneurship Week

Carl Sandburg CollegeCarl Sandburg College recently highlighted a program that was introduced during the fall semester of 2013.

The college was invited last week to discuss the program as part of National Entrepreneurship Week which started Sunday and will continue through Saturday.

The program is intended to allow both students and entrepreneurs who want to start an e-Business to begin selling products online.

Business Program Coordinator Keith Williams says there is a huge potential for Western Illinois businesses to utilize e-Business services.

He says, however, that e-Business is more than just creating a website.

“The e-Business program could be valuable to employees of existing businesses who want to create an online presence that they may lack now,” says Williams. “e-Business graduates will be skilled in areas of web design, in marketing, in advertising, in business law.”

Much of the coursework offered through the program is offered online according to a press release.

The curriculum was intended to help students desiring a career with an Internet based company or enable those to create opportunity for themselves.

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