Aldermen Request Answers Over Water Main Break

galesburgA program was suggested to help those affected by water main breaks in the City of Galesburg.

Earlier this week, breaks were reported in water mains near South Henderson, Dayton, and Court Streets. 22 residential and commercial structures were affected by the water main breaks. Many of those affected are temporarily connecting hoses to their neighbors home.

City officials say an occurrence such as the water main breaks experienced this week due to the cold have not occurred in recent memory.

Fifth Ward Alderman Peter Schwartzman says the City should consider reintroducing a program to replace lead lines to help those affected by water main breaks.

“Not only do some of them not have water now, but they might have pipe damage looking forward,” says Schwartzman.

The City says that typically there is no way of detecting leaks in the pipes until the ground begins to thaw.

Public Works Director Larry Cox says the City already provides certain services.

“If the lead service line is leaking, we go ahead and do that excavation and install the new line and the property owner just has to hire a plumber to make the connection and provide the materials,” says Cox.

Among the concerns is that some of the pipes were laid too shallow.

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