Knox County Nursing Home Ready for Union Contract

Knox County SealThe Knox County Nursing Home is preparing to approve an agreement with its union employees.

During last night’s Knox County Nursing Home and Landfill Committee meeting, that agreement was discussed, but with few details provided.

More than a year after protests occurred on a regular basis due to the lack of a contract with the County, employees of the Nursing Home are prepared to sign a three year agreement.

Nursing Home Administrator Rachel Kehr says she and attorney Keith Braskich believe it’s a quality agreement.

“We should be raifying it at the next [County] Board meeting,” Kehr said.  “So [the union has] already voted to approve the union contract, and obviously, Keith and I are in agreeance.  So, you guys [the CountyBoard] will see, I think, the majority of that.”

The vote received near unanimous approval when the contract was approved by the union last week.

The agreement is expected to be reviewed in greater detail the Knox County Board meeting.

Negotiations with the Landfill employees are ongoing, but could be completed in the next month.

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