Board Of Trustees Approve Property Resolution

The Galesburg Sanitary District has been using a program through the federal government that allows them to purchase property for their facility.

The Sanitary District’s Board of Trustees were given the option to continue their participation with the Federal Surplus Property Program allowing them to purchase trucks, cars, and other equipment for their facility.

Sanitary District Superintendent Steve Davis told trustees today this program has worked to their advantage in the past and thinks continuing it would be beneficial.

“We don’t use it often, but when we do, we usually save quite a bit of money,” says Davis. “One of the advantages is that when you purchase through this program, you presumptively satisfy the bidding requirements for competitive bidding since the state and federal have already done it for you.”

Besides a two ton truck, the Sanitary District was able to get their jet truck through the Federal Surplus Property Program.

Trustees unanimously approved the measure.

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