Orpheum Governing Board Needs Members

Orpheum TheatreMembers of the board governing Galesburg’s Orpheum Theatre are hopeful some new faces will join them in the not-so-distant future.

Theatre Executive Director Kevin Maynard told the Knox County Civic Center Authority Board yesterday two open seats on the board need to be filled soon, and there may be a third opening in the future, as member David Guenther has expressed an interest in stepping down.

CCA Board Treasurer Jay Bullis says good board members might be people new to the area, or at least new to the local workforce.

“There’s a lot of new people in the community; we just haven’t been introduced to them,” Bullis said.  “All we need to do is introduce ourselves to them.  They are younger, and they are involved.  They’ve got good jobs and they are raising families.  These are the ones that we want.”

CCA Board Chairperson Jan Occhi yesterday formed a New Board Member Recruitment Committee, which will begin to look at ways to solicit new members.

Occhi also formed Fundraising and Building Committees, with capital needs and fundraising opportunities expected to soon get into full swing despite years of delays.

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